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Let's grow together.

At McGuff, we attract and recruit the finest people in the world. McGuff values its employees as a key resource to our success. An atmosphere of good employee communication, involvement and responsibility is of central importance. Employee’s personal development and optimum use of talents is encouraged.

McGuff's Commitment to Our Employees

Health and Safety

McGuff will do all that is reasonable and practicable to protect the health and safety of its employees.

Healthcare Insurance

McGuff will treat its employees as family and will make every effort to maintain free healthcare insurance not only to each employee but to each of the employee’s dependents as well.

Equal and Fair Treatment

Every employee has equal opportunities and will be treated equally in employment and occupation regardless of personal background, race, gender, nationality, age, sexual preference or religious belief. The same applies to the recruitment of employees. McGuff strives to offer equal pay for equal work performed at equal levels at similar locations. No form of harassment or discrimination will be tolerated.

Wages and Payment

Remuneration and working hours shall comply with local labor laws and shall at least be in line with prevailing industry norms.

Retirement benefits

McGuff recognizes the importance of each employee’s contribution to the labors of the company and desires that each employee be compensated in such a manner as to promote long-term employment and retirement benefits. Additionally we offer 401K plans with McGuff match ability to help meet your long term retirement goals.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide, the global demand for some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is exceeding current supply availability.

In addition, the manufacturing of the PPE and many other wound care/infection prevention products have been impacted by the global response to the Coronavirus. While you may see product availability reduction in the near-term, please be assured that we at McGuff Medical are continuing to work diligently to ensure an uninterrupted supply of products and alternative products to you.

Additionally, in order to ensure healthcare providers have access to the PPEs they need, the McGuff Company is temporarily limiting PPEs to healthcare providers.

As always, please feel free to reach out to our McGuff Customer Service team with any questions that you may have.

Click here for updates regarding Coronavirus Pandemic and Your Supplies and a message from our President